Brian Kavanagh, a native of New Jersey, first began developing his interest in photography while documenting local skateboarders in the mid 90’s. As a life long fan of Hip Hop music and culture he began expanding his subject matter to include graffiti and live shows during the early 2000’s.

   After leaving the area and spending several years in Vermont documenting prominent Vermont based DJ’s and developing an eye for more landscape based photography, Brian returned to Northern New Jersey with a renewed perspective and motivation to document the city and culture he grew up around.

   Over the past several years he has diligently photographed New York City expanding his subject matter, and continuing to cultivate his art.  Via his website, Brian has maintained a consistent output showcasing his work with musicians, a regular series known as “City Days” dedicated to the architecture and residents of the 5 boroughs, as well as including images from his journey's to international destinations. While abroad in Jakarta, Indonesia he had the opportunity to share his work with local kids as a part of a program called @America. 

   Currently he is working on a series that focuses on abandoned and forgotten buildings in the Tri-state area, which also can be seen on his website. Brian's work is motivated by a sense of adventure as well as sharing his perspective and his implementation and experimentation with digital filters has given his work an overall aesthetic that he can call his own.

 -Written By Chris Jaskot